How to Live an Extraordinary Life in Retirement with Barbara Pagano #288


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In this episode I am speaking with Barbara Pagano, author of the book The 60-Something Crisis: How to Live an Extraordinary Life in Retirement. I think you will find the process Barbara lays out in the book is applicable beyond just retirement.

Read some of her story from her website:

Hi. I’m Barbara Pagano…

Despite graduate degrees in human behavior and many successful crossings onto new life stages (I even pre-planned a very successful mid-life crisis for myself in my mid-forties), everything about “retirement”– the word we most use for a pivot time in life at 65 – didn’t fit me.

If there was a yellow brick road to happiness and joy, I wanted to be on it. But where was that road and who was I going to be now?

It shouldn’t have been so hard, but it was. I became a consummate learner of the current literature on aging, retirement, un-retirement, productive longevity, well-being, and happiness.

Discovering that work identity is an extraordinarily strong component of who we are and that productivity equals better health according to the latest research on longevity and wellbeing was a watershed.

Working until 85 – not 65 – is the “new retirement” for me and millions of others. Volunteering, traveling just to travel, and not earning money – it doesn’t work for me and it doesn’t work for millions of others.

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For the full show notes and resources mentioned in the episode click here.

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