Has Your Network Abandoned You? Let's Discuss How to Plan to Get it Back! (cont) #280


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This is a continuation from episode 278 which I called Has Your Network Abandoned You? Let's Discuss How to Plan to Get it Back! I talked previously about how to identify who you need to network with and what was strategic networking. I want to discuss in this episode how to ease back into networking.

I was giving a webinar for AustinUp the other day and someone posed the question about pivoting from product marketing to product management. They were not having much luck. In order to make this kind of move, it will take a relationship to get you across and it is probably a relationship you do not have right now.

In episode 278, we discussed identifying who you need to network with, some of these people will be existing connections while others will be new connections. We will start with a focus on existing connections and building up the network muscles that have probably atrophied during the last couple of years.

I will once again give you some blog posts to read about active listening and a step-by-step process to ease back into networking.

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