365 Ways to Have a Good Day with Ian Sanders #263


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This week I have an interesting discussion with Ian Sanders, author of 365 ways to have a good day, a book I found thoroughly enjoyable, and more importantly, actionable and a time of disruption.

I was first approached by Ian's publicist and I requested a copy of the book. As usual, I procrastinated. Reading the book, it may surprise some of you but I grew up with a learning disability and I could barely read when I graduated from high school. I overcame that. But I still don't like to read. I was then approached by Karen Wickre, who I interviewed a couple of weeks ago in Episode 261, that I should have Ian on the podcast. That was a kick in the butt to read the book and get him scheduled. Ian and I share a lot of similar concepts and ideas when it comes to how to live our lives. I thought, in theses strange times, this would be a great topic to bring you.

His short bio is as a follows:

Ian Sanders is an author, creative consultant and storyteller who works with some of the world's leading organizations. Throughout his professional life, Ian has experimented with life enhancing habits and

hacks. It's resulted in two decades worth of conversations, detours and journaling. And now whether it's working with teams and global organizations, or the founders who are just getting started, Ian aims to spark change with his fifth book 365 ways to have a good day, he hopes to inspire people to spark change in their own lives. And get more out of every day. Ian lives in lead on the sea, England.

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