From finance to Women’s Healer & Preconception Doula, a radical shift happened after entering motherhood, with Marise Hyman


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This episode focuses on Reinvention types – Life stages

Every woman knows that maternity will have more than one impact over her life.

Personally, emotionally and, of course, professionally.

Many of us worry about the future of our career or job position during that delicate phase, which is becoming a mother.

But one important thing is the way we look at the impact motherhood can have on our lives.

Removing the negative connotations can help everyone to open up to new opportunities. It also helps approaching different phases of life with curiosity.

Marise was curious and motivated.

Her love of learning and reading since childhood helped her to pursue the new journey and retrain to create her new profession.

She describes the steps like in a tale: ”Slowly by slowly following the breadcrumbs…”

“I realized that I have been crying in my pillow every night for the last 18 years in my finance career”.

Marise knew ‌she wanted to make a change, and becoming a mother was the kick starter of the process.

“It would have been too sad for my kids to see how sad I was in my old finance job, and I wanted to show them that you can change. When you put your mind to something you can do anything”

Sometimes we need a big event to realize that some situations are no longer bearable and we find the strength or courage to change.

  • Planning and preparing to become parents was the first research Marise did that eventually set her on her reinvention path.
  • Her strengths, talents and positive mindset were the assets she used to support her commitment to the change.
  • How important it is to focus on the ego: self healing and the work on personal development were the beginning of her transformation.

Learning about Self Care and self love, feminine and masculine energy, different outcomes allowed her to design a more healthy life, filled with awareness. This process impacted all the relationships she was engaging with, both personal and professional.

Marise’s Reinvention was led by her personal values.

Marise Hyman drastically changed careers after her awakening when she became a mother.

  • Now, As Self-Empowerment Coach-Healer, she guides women from trauma wounds to wisdom to birth the true versions of themselves, by neutralising the conscious & subconscious Limbic Imprint, from conception, gestation, birth and formative years when the sense of Self was formed & wounded.
  • And as Preconception, Prenatal & Parenthood Doula, she similarly empowers families through “Conscious Conception”, pregnancy, birth and beyond so families and future generations can thrive in love.




Marise mentioned Gabor Mate’s film about Traumatized society,

Marise’s gift for the listeners:

A mini online session of 45 min of choice between:

  • A Mini online workshop on the Limbic Imprint and how it can be holding you back in life and what you can do to heal it, at any age, the benefits of doing so for individuals and humanity.
  • or for those interested to conceive consciously, a live mini online workshop on the benefits of

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