Reinvention at 50+: Learning How to Show Up for Yourself is Key to Reinvention Success


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Do you know that showing up for yourself is a key ingredient in your midlife reinvention secret sauce?
Ever notice that paying more attention to your own needs in midlife (aka showing up for yourself) can contribute to deeper happiness and satisfaction?
When was the last time you showed up for yourself - and made space for your dreams and desires to be a priority, not a "someday" activity?
Showing up for ourselves is at once important and empowering, and often hard to do. The drumbeat of others' needs can drown out our own if we let them. But the benefits of showing up for ourselves shouldn't be downplayed. In fact, they should be celebrated.
When we show up for ourselves and lean into our needs, we acknowledge that we matter.
Getting the reinvention process going - that process of stepping into our own and becoming a Reinvention Rebel - starts with us identifying what we want. It means turning the lens to focus on ourselves.
I'm excited to kick off season 4 with this solo episode that shines a light on why showing up for ourselves is so important. It's about why you should add showing up for yourself to your reinvention sauce. In this solo episode I share:
✳️ What I learned about myself this summer when it comes to showing up
✳️ Why showing up for ourselves is so important
✳️ 3 questions for you to noodle on about showing up for yourself and how you can get started
And lots of other cool insights. Think of it as a grown-up post-summer book report. 😂
It's the perfect way to kick off season 4 with new opportunities for our personal growth and development. We're all back in the saddle after summer, let's re-focus on our biggest reinvention dreams and start to make them happen! Putting yourself first is a start.
Are you ready to add showing up for yourself to your Reinvention Rebels secret sauce? This key ingredient will make all the difference. Lean in and listen to this season's kickoff episode. Let's get inspired together!

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