Reinvention After Divorce – How a Marriage Breakdown Led to a Personal Breakthrough with Nina Blaicher


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Reinventing ourselves after a divorce is no easy task.
In fact, breaking apart our life may be one of the hardest things we can experience.
It may mean we come to our reinvention journey reluctantly and not ready to face things.
It typically requires shining a light on ourselves and delving into those hard-to-uncover places to make forward progress.
No easy task yet full of possibilities when we do.
Such is the journey of Nina Blaicher. Her reinvention after a difficult divorce is deeply impactful and inspiring. A must-listen if you're dealing with a divorce, or any life-changing event.
She helps us see there's a way through and out that can leave us feeling happier and more fulfilled on the other side.
I love what Nina shares about:
✅ Why you have to tear everything down and ask yourself compelling questions to begin anew
✅ How she used her divorce as an opportunity for self-discovery and exploration
✅ How she showered herself with self-love during and after her divorce
✅ How she started the See the Upside podcast
✅ Why being willing to fail gets us one step closer to our dreams
✅ Why we need to learn to trust the unknown
Her openness and vulnerability remind me that we all can do hard things and grow from the experience, even when incredibly difficult.
No matter where you are on your reinvention path, Lean in and listen to this amazing episode and then share it with a friend!
Connect with Nina:
Website: See the Upside
Podcast: See the Upside
Instagram: @see.theupside
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