Reinventing My 50s: Just Say Yes! How I Crushed Self-Doubt and Became a Silver-Haired Midlife Model with Rachel Peru


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If someone asked you to model bathing suits and lingerie in your 40-something, plus-sized body and silver hair, would you do it?
Would you kick limiting societal beliefs about how a midlife body should look to the curb, lean in and do it anyway?
Or would you think of a hundred reasons why you shouldn’t and let the opportunity pass you by?
In the case of Reinvention Rebel Rachel Peru, she leaned in, quieted her naysayer mind, and created a whole new, empowered life.
Rachel celebrates her body just the way it is, reminding us that every body is a beautiful body in all our exquisite shapes and sizes.
She’s built body confidence, not just in herself but others too.
And she started a fabulous podcast, Out of the Bubble, that celebrates stories of empowered midlife women finding their voice and groove, expanding their lives in kickass ways.
In this encouraging, I-can-do-anything interview, I love what Rachel shares about:
✅ How she found midlife confidence and went for it
✅ Why it's so important to say Yes to our dreams, no matter our age
✅ How curiosity helped kickstart her modeling career at 46 (you'll love her story!)
✅ How she shifted her mindset to one of self-acceptance
✅ How skydiving helped increase her comfort zone
✅ What she learned from sharing others’ stories on her podcast and what inspires her most about midlife women
And that’s just a tiny piece of what makes Rachel a fierce Reinvention Rebel. She shares abundant midlife wisdom in uplifting ways.
I can't wait for you to listen and soak up her expansive ideas about what midlife can be for any of us. Lean in and then consider what your reinvention story might look like.
Connect with Rachel:
Instagram: @rachelperu1
Rachel Peru

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