Midlife Reinvention: Offer Yourself Gratitude and Grace as You Navigate Your Reinvention Journey


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What happens when you lean into more gratitude in your life?
I believe it's a powerful tool that can propel our lives forward in new ways in our reinvention journey.
For one, it builds our appreciation for the little things and helps up find joy (even in challenging situations).
I like to practice gratitude all year long. But it's hard not to focus on it as we near the end of year.
Thanksgiving is all about being thankful, having gratitude and appreciating what we have in our lives.
I'm leaning in hard this year, thankful for so many things in my life. You too?
I can't wait for you to listen to this solo episode where I share:
✳️ Why gratitude is so important
✳️ What I'm most grateful for this season
✳️ Why having gratitude for our challenges is empowering
✳️ How we can offer ourselves gratitude and grace on our reinvention journey
✳️ 3 questions to help you tap into more gratitude in your life
If you're celebrating Thanksgiving, here's to a joyful weekend with time spent with those you love.
And here's to endless joy for all of us as we welcome in the holiday season.
Enjoy this episode and let's all celebrate our gratitude!
P.S. Did you check out last week's episode with the amazing Wendy Hutchinson? I love how she stopped people pleasing and kicked her perfectionist tendencies to the curb to find her authentic self. If you're a midlife woman trying to figure it out and find more joy, this is a must-listen episode!
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