Episode 182 - Desigaped Survivor


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After a short break around Christmas, RP are back, and we mean business. This mammoth two-hour episode - probably the longest in ages - finds us all guns blazing, and this time dealing with some completely insubstantial material of absolutely no consequence; the dreadful American TV drama series Designated Survivor. The show is an ineptly pulpy work of US imperialist propaganda that Jack flatly describes as evil, such is its stubborn refusal to contemplate that the US may ever not be 100% in the right about everything. With the original trio of Jack, Yair and Tom, and Jack behind the boards, our latest venture into what Eddie Marsan calls "promoting democracy in other countries" is an RP for the ages. PLUS: The blu-rays Tom got for Christmas! Stay tuned over at patreon.com/reelpolitik for even more dope new material.

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