Instagram boss Adam Mosseri on teenagers, Tik-Tok and paying creators


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Instagram is no longer going to be a photo-sharing app, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri announced earlier this summer. So what is Instagram going to be instead? Mosseri talks to Recode’s Peter Kafka about his plans to emphasize video and commerce for the service, competing with Tik-Tok, and looming regulation. Mosseri also talks about recent revelations in the Wall Street Journal about Instagram’s own research, which suggests the app could be harmful to a segment of its users, particularly teenagers. Then Kafka talks to Puck co-founder Jon Kelly about his news site’s recent launch, and what sets it apart from other subscription-based news services.

Featuring: Adam Mosseri (@mosseri), Head of Instagram

Jon Kelly (@JonKelly2), Co-Founder of Puck

Host: Peter Kafka (@pkafka), Senior Editor at Recode

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