20: Dennis Prager: Conservatism Wants Us To Be Free


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Dennis Prager is a radio show host, a New York Times best-selling author, a columnist, an orchestra conductor and, crucially for Darren Grimes' introduction to the man, Dennis is the founder of PragerU.
PragerU is the fantastically successful YouTube channel that has amassed billions of views and has had such an impact that not only did Darren launch Reasoned UK inspired by PragerU, but big tech seems absolutely desperate to shadow ban, restrict and outright censor its conservative content.
The pair discuss everything from the lack of a moral compass in the Left, how to solve the problem of big tech censoring conservative content, the God-shaped hole that is evidenced across the secular West, how we can stop the bravery deficit by remembering the courage of our ancestors and why there's no such thing as being 'totally safe'.

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