[150] Are You Stressed? Simple Tips for Decreasing Stress by Learning to Listen to Your Body with Whitney Bean


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Let's be honest. Between work, kids, and the house you have a lot going on.
And it can feel super overwhelming. Especially when we don't feel like we are juggling all of the plates well.
Yes, stress is a normal part of life. But there comes a time when the stress is more than usual. And that is what to help you with today.
To help us with managing our stress I brought my guest, Whitney. In this episode, Whitney shares:

  • How we can check in with our bodies and pick up on those feelings when we're feeling a lot of stress
  • How we can do some inner work so that we can start developing ways that we can deal with our stress a lot better.
  • A four-step process for helping us with finding that balance and working through the stress. And you will be surprised because it is a very simple process.
  • Some in-the-moment things that we can do to help with dealing with stress.
  • How we can find ways to manage stress within the home so that we can develop strategies so that overall, the household is not overwhelming us.

So if this sounds like something that you could use, you definitely want to stay tuned and listen to this full episode.
Whitney helped me out a ton and I know she can help you as well.

Whitney is a certified wellness and life coach, a birth doula, and a mom of 4. She coaches intentional women to look inward, listen to their body's natural communication, create space for processing, and inevitably show up in the present moment as the most authentic version of themselves. Whitney teaches tools that are practical, realistic, and can easily be integrated into busy, everyday life.

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