The Culture in the Kingdom


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I think of Entrepreneurs as Kingdom Builders - and I don’t think of kingdoms in some domineering, benevolent tyranny sense - but in the sense of the “King’s Domain”. Who is the King? For me the King is our Creator. The Kingdom of God that I know is one of peace and mutual benefit. That describes a good way to live, and it describes a good way to do business.

But hang on - This episode isn't about the spiritual Kingdom. It's about the earthly Kingdom I would choose for my business to emulate - The Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. I have some incredible, almost surreal memories from there (surreal because there is no other place like it on Earth). So how does such a mega-company provide such an inimitable, fanciful atmosphere full of employees (cast members) who seem genuinely enthused to be part of the experience? Lets find out, shall we?

Today we talk with the former vice president of Disney's Magic Kingdom, 26-year Disney veteran, Dan Cockerel. He has some fascinating insights about the culture of YOUR kingdom.

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10 X growth is what we discussed last week... and it cannot be additive, it must be multiplicative. Instead of going into specific tactics and techniques, I think it's important to first focus on the primary driver of everything we do in our company, which boils down to our culture. And I know no one more qualified to talk about “kingdom cultures” in the realm of business than Dan Cockerel.

Dan was, for a very long time, in charge of the Magic Kingdom at Disney. His book is called "How's the Culture in Your Kingdom?”. Dan took some time off the ski slopes in Breckenridge to chat with me about company culture - how important it is, and how to create “magic” at any size company. I stress "any size" because most of us don't have the resources that Disney has at their four-fingered white gloved fingertips. Dan's brilliant advice - Don't spend time getting your people motivated - hire motivated people and treat them like gold.

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