Raw Radio #88- Gratitude Deluxe??


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This episode of Raw Radio BKA "The Wellz & L Show" has the duo in studio this week as we catch up on the latest happenings in Hip Hop and current events that impact the culture and YOU, the listener!
-Wellz checks in with a fresh episodes of Actual Facts, NNS and Say Word highlighting some NEW stimulus opps for families in the US- That may be you!!
-The Mailbag continues to be the gift that keeps on giving touching answering questions such as:
-Is 50 cent part of the top 10 artists out of NY, all time?!?!?!
-Kid Rock with a new "Anti-Woke" effort in a latest 'beef record'
-Is Jadakiss speaking hypocrisy with his latest comments about Young Dolph?
All this popping off to kick off the holiday season!
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