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On this special edition of That's A Rap, Jay is joined by Daniel Reynold, Editor and Chief of Raptors HQ. After 7 years and exactly 2000 posts for Raptors HQ, Daniel is officially hanging up the laces and passing on his duties of EIC. The two spoke about the early days of Raptors HQ and what it was like behind the scenes during the NBA Finals run. Thanks for everything Daniel!

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Twitter: @ThatsARapPod & @RaptorsHQ Email: Website:

Hosts: Jason Leung @JayLeung20, Andreas Babiolakis @andreasbabs, Jay Rosales @Rosalesaurus

Guest: Daniel Reynold @aka_Reynolds

Producer/Editor: Jason Leung

Intro/Outro Music:

Omar Samuels

Transition Music:

(ES) Overthinking - Dylan (ES) Bahamas Breeze - Sarah

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