#176 - 9/16 & 9/17/22 Colorado Rockies @ Chicago Cubs


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The guys attend back-to-back Cubs/Rockies games complete with full bus hangs and graphing mayhem! The guys encounter a few Wrigley Field knuckleheads, but the talk of the town is autos, autos, autos! The guys experience one of the more successful bus hang/auto hunts to date, including a beloved former Cub-turned-Rockie, can you guess who?!? The guys are snubbed hardcore by a dazed Dave Magadan, Jeremy gets some laughs at Bud Black's expense, and Jack has to eat crow when it comes to Brendan Rodgers. And in what possibly may be an all-time graphing moment, Nico Hoerner is accosted by a crazy German lady and her dog Millie - you have to hear in to believe it. This is a marathon episode but it's worth it! Get your Sharpies ready and tune into this ep of Rain Delay Theater!

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