RCN #35 - The High Cost of Low-Quality Code


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Get the week's news on Kubernetes, the cloud native landscape, and the wider world of tech. Co-hosts Eric Gregory and Nick Chase break through the jargon and help you make sense of it all.
This week, special guest host John Jainschigg is back beside Eric to discuss the trending stories across the world of technology. Eric & John dive into the impact that "low quality" software has on BIG enterprises, new modes of attack specific to air-gapped systems, and a look at the future-facing technologies like COBOL , floppy disks & even Python. Remember those?
Find the resources discussed along with a transcript here: https://www.mirantis.com/blog/this-week-s-news-the-high-cost-of-low-quality-code
A full list of topics for this week's episode include:

  • Report: impact of "bad" software on US Economy reaches $2.41 Trillion
  • Kubernetes Security: a new TokenRequest API attack vector
  • Beware: evasive new cyberattack can bypass air-gapped systems
  • Linux kernel 6.1 is here!
  • Your end-of-year WebAssembly update
  • Where will Python be in 100 years? Guido van Rossum on Python's future
  • Keeping it COBOL
  • Meta-Inverse: Metaverse for the Enterprise?
  • AI-assisted coding: the more the better

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