Path of the Heart | Sacred Earth Life 13


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Welcome to the first episode of Season Two with Sacred Earth Life! I’m excited to begin sharing the wildest journey in trusting the Heart’s Wisdom above and beyond the external realm. I wasn’t quite sure how it would go and if it would all work out, but it did! Every vision, internal voice, and heartfelt guidance I received in the year of 2021 has led me to a place I have been seeing in my dreams since childhood. I am going to be extremely vulnerable in sharing real life scenarios of how this path began to the transitions I encountered and the tests I received. You’ll hear about the loss, the struggles, and everything in between in order for my Heart’s choice to come forth over the path I was currently living. For to arrive into your dream life your entire external reality will change. In this first episode I share the moment I chose my Heart and the path that followed and led me to where I am today. Produced by

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