How remote stores are paving the way for healthy stores, with Khia De Silva


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Khia De Silva is the Nutrition Manager at the Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation (ALPA). In this episode Khia talks about working as a nutritionist embedded within a retail environment to support the implementation of the ALPA Health and Nutrition strategy across ALPA’s retail businesses in top end Australia.
We talk about balancing nutrition outcomes with financial viability of remote stores and Khia details Healthy Stores 2020, a sugar reduction strategy, within ALPA stores in collaboration with Monash University and Menzies School of Health that led to a reduction of 1.8 tonnes of sugar being purchased across 10 stores in 12 weeks whilst maintaining financial viability of stores. We also go into what other action is needed to support more affordable and accessible healthy food in remote stores.
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Host: Sophie Wright-Pedersen

With thanks to Khia De Silva for her time and thoughts

The Foodies in the Field podcast would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which this podcast was made, the Turrbal and Yuggera people, as well as the lands from where Khia was speaking and where you may be listening from today. We pay respects to elders both past and present and acknowledge that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were the first foodies of this nation.

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