DMT and Changa - Deconstructing your Reality to activate the Divine within


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You will never hear of DMT being used in this way. We aren't talking about machine elves or blasting off but simply allowing the molecule to suspend your disbelief long enough to see how powerful you truly are. DMT when used in a sub breakthrough manner is very effective in reprogramming the mind, understanding how you create your reality and interrupting negative thought loops. If you haven't heard of Changa - Changa is DMT and an MAOI inhibitor, which when smoked, extends the duration of the experience about twice as long. In this episode my mentor Eve and I discuss DMT training and how we help people to deconstruct their reality. This is the future of medicine work and healing. Dmt is currently not being used in the correct manner. People are having these blast off experiences but that is not very helpful to managing your life. At the sub breakthrough level you’re able to retain all the information that you learned and you’re able to heal diseases, trauma, abundance issues, ancestral healing, mental mastery and becoming the Master of creating your own reality.
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