4- Resource Management


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Follow Our Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/c/projectmanagementknowledge In this video, we talked about resource management. In project management context, resources are not only people. They are also equipment and materials. A project manager must plan and manage resources effectively to reach success in the project. Here is an example of a resource management plan: https://www.stakeholdermap.com/project-templates/resource-management-plan.pdf We mentioned some terms like iterative process, high-level plan, stakeholder register, acquisition, authority, training, recognition, responsibility assignment matrix, communications management plan Some of these will be explained in future videos. Please do not forget to subscribe to our channel and like our videos. Hope to see you in the next video. We offer course related to the following subjects. Contact us via email if you questions about the courses we offer: can.izgi@gmail.com or gokremtekir@gmail.com * Project Management * Project Management Certification Exam Preparation * Agile Project Management If you'd like support us please visit: www.patreon.com/projectmanagement

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