Jessie Buttafuoco: Crime Trauma Recovery & The Dive Stage (Ep. 9)


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Jessie, the daughter of Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco, is excited to ride her bike to school for the first time. But her plans for the ride home were wrecked when her aunt picks her up and whisks her to the family’s auto shop where she is told that her mom was “injured” when she “fell on a nail.” She had never of Amy Fisher, a high-school call-girl who showed up on her doorstep and shot her mother in the face. Her dad, Joey Buttafuoco, and Amy had been involved in a long-running affair. A media circus erupted, and Jessie would lie about her name in hopes of a normal life. However, the criticisms of her family were a constant nightmare, especially when she sat in the audience of Saturday Night Live and Madonna took the stage.

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