Brandon Lee: Sexual Abuse Trauma Recovery & The Survive Stage (Ep. 33)


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Brandon wanted to rebuild his life. He was convinced to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting by the same nurse that attended to him after his overdose. He shared his story at his first AA meeting and found a new social circle. They helped Brandon realize that he could enjoy life as a sober, gay man. Brandon attended five AA meetings a week for the next ten years. He also realized that without a previous example of a healthy gay relationship, he would need to spend years “rewriting” what that would look like. Brandon was a news anchor during the 2020 election, and his social media and private accounts were hacked. The culprits attempted to blackmail him into reading their statements on the air. The shame of the situation resulted in a relapse and a suicide attempt. Brandon now views his relapse as a blessing which lead him to retire from broadcast news. Through the help of therapy and working with a Shaman, he was able to heal from his childhood trauma and pursue his true passion and purpose.

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