Post Status Excerpt (No. 67) — What Does Professionalism Mean in WordPress?


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"We're not afraid to let our human side show." —Eric Karkovack

In this episode of Post Status Draft, Eric Karkovack joins Dan Knauss to discuss their top picks for important topics and news stories in WordPress this week. Then they take up the topic of "professionalism." What is it — what does it mean for us in the WordPress community, and how does it relate to a healthy open source project and business ecosystem?

Eric's Top News Picks:

  1. WP-Optimize "Cheating" Scandal (WP Tavern)
  2. WebP in WordPress 6.1 On Hold/Being Reconsidered
  3. Now Offering $499 Websites

Dan's Top News Picks:

  1. Unethical "GPL clubs" and "piracy" — and what we can do about it. (An emerging discussion in Post Status Slack and on Twitter.)
  2. Gravity acquires GravityGravity Forms acquires Gravity Flow and Gravity Experts, product/service businesses in the Gravity Forms ecosystem owned by Steven Henty, Director of Product Development for Rocketgenius – the creators of Gravity Forms.
  3. Our spotlight on Jonathan Bossenger — and what he says (and personally represents) that touches our unique ideas about professionalism in the WordPress ecosystem here at Post Status.

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