On OpenAI And WordPress With Jannis Thuemmig Of WP Webhooks


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In this episode, Jannis Thuemmig, serial entrepreneur and founder of WP Webhooks, dives into the world of automation and Open AI with Cory Miller. Together they look at what is currently possible within the world of integration and automation within WordPress. Then they lean into what is unfolding as Open AI finds its way into the mainstream and discuss what this might mean for the WordPress community.

Top Takeaways:

  • Integrations & Automations to Save Time: Everyone is in need of some kind of automation. Our main goal is to save time by creating automations wherever there are pain points. Rather than doing things manually, WP Webhooks enables you to automate them within your dashboard.
  • Avoiding Automation through Software: Using software as a service partner means hosting your data on their platforms. Using Webhooks for integration and automation allows you to keep things on your server and within your complete control.
  • Possibilities with Open AI Integration: Webhooks is focused on using Open AI as an advantage to speed up processes by creating integrations between services and generating original content. They are working on finding cool use cases and understanding the actual power of what it makes possible.

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