Winning at Sports: Live Panel Replay with BBC Podcasters Eliza Skinner of On the Podium and Chrystal Genesis of Stance Productions and Untold Legends: Ora


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This episode is a recording of a live episode from Podbean's Storytelling Podcast Week live program.


For August, Podbean's Storytelling Podcast Week featured a live panel on Sports podcasts for our monthly live episode with Eliza Skinner of On the Podium and Chrystal Genesis of the upcoming Untold Legends: Ora where they speak about the art of telling the triumphs and heartbreak within sports, what make those moments of glory memorable and what's behind them.

In this episode we'll also hear from them about..

  • How they both got into podcasting and what it's like to work with BBC Podcasts
  • The inspirations for On the Podium and Untold Legends: Ora, two very different formats within sports podcasts
  • What goes into Untold Legends: Ora from a production standpoint as a large scale narrative audio series
  • The inspirations for On the Podium and their episode formula for success
  • What Chrystal and Eliza have both learned along the way as women who are telling sports stories and how podcasting helps bring more awareness, gender representation, representation for POC and equity into the mainstream
  • How podcasters out there who want to tell stories from their communities, accomplishments and for the unsung heroes they may have discovered can start telling those stories
  • What podcasts Eliza and Chrystal both love and the stories they want to tell next!

You can also watch the full panel on Podbean's YouTube.


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