The Power of Podcasting: How to Make an Impactful Podcast Ad


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In this episode of Podcasting Smarter, the experts at Podbean sit down to discuss best practices for creating impactful podcast ads, including tips on matching the right brands with the right content.

In this episode, you will learn: 1. What do brands want from podcast advertising? 2. What are the best practices for creating a podcast ad? 3. What are the benefits of podcast advertising for brands? "The power of podcasting is the length of engagement that people listen to podcasts as opposed to other media." I'm Norma Jean Belenky, head of events for Podbean. On today's episode of Podcasting Smarter, we're featuring a replay of our live event, "How to Make a Podcast Ad." Our experts will be discussing the different kinds of ad technology, including programmatic, dynamic ad insertion, the technology behind some of these ads, and best practices for creating your ad. Stay tuned! In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. What do brands want from podcast advertising? 2. What are the best practices for creating a podcast ad? 3. What are the benefits of podcast advertising for brands? Resources: Learn more about Podbean's Enterprise and Business solutions that are trusted by industry leaders world wide, read case studies and more. Subscribe to our email newsletter to get industry updates: Chapter Summaries: [00:00:01] - Podcasting Smarter is the official podcast from Podbean, featuring podcasting interviews, best practices and helpful tips. Today's episode is a replay of the live event "How to Make a Podcast Ad" featuring the Senior Vice President of Advertising, Kerry Tracy and Director of Customer Success, John Kiernan. [00:01:11] - Podbean is hosting a panel discussion on how to make a podcast ad today. The panelists are Kerry Tracy, John Kiernan and Norma Jean Belenky, Head of Events at Podbean is hosting. Podbean is a podcast hosting and monetizing platform with over 620,000 podcasts choosing Podbean as their podcast host. [00:02:14] - Kerry is the Senior Vice President of Advertising for Podbean and handles the advertising revenue for the podcast on the network. John is Director of Customer Success with Podbean and he works with Enterprise and High Traffic Podcasters. John and Kerry are excited to talk about ads today. [00:03:20] - The power of podcasting is the length of engagement that people listen to podcasts as opposed to other media. The bigger the audience, the more opportunity for monetization and the more people listening who may want to buy the product that is featured on the podcast. [00:04:59] - A podcast ad is an effective way to promote your podcast and grow your audience. The trust with the audience and the emotional component of audio are key to the success of a podcast ad. John and Kerry are going to talk about host read versus pre-produced ads later. [00:07:06] - Kerry explains why podcasting is a good medium for advertisers and brands. Bryan Barletta, who runs Sounds Profitable, talks about best practice for making an ad and how to match the right content with the right audience in the podcast. 70% of people who listen to a podcast ad are either going to the site or checking out the discount. [00:11:21] - John and Kerry talk about the best practices for podcasting ads. John explains how to create an effective ad for the podcasting environment. John recommends making it succinct and making sure that the message is what the message needs to be. No more, no less. [00:15:29] - In a direct response ad, there are three things to consider: the goal, the target audience and the budget. If it's pure branding, it's more about the value of the brand. Direct response is all about ROI. It's the same way as you would track it going into the store. [00:16:33] - Attribution is easier digitally than it is on broadcast. Dynamic ad insertion is where the podcaster can insert a fresh ad into the entire back catalog of a podcast show. There's a difference between dynamic ad insertion and baked in ad insertion and it's important to distinguish between the two. [00:18:50] - When making a podcast ad, it's important to make sure that the message is clear and the call to action is clear. Branding is also important, and so is the frequency of the message. Podcasts are able to reach a lot of people, and the power of audio is getting better. In podcast ads, the host speaks about his or her personal experience with the product and explains why he or she thinks it's good for the advertiser to do that. In podcasting, there is a trust between the listener and the host. The medium that we listen to podcasts on (most people listen via their phone...) [00:25:34] - Podbean has 34,000 podcasts and is looking for host ads. The best way for brands to reach out to a podcaster is via direct communication with dynamic ad insertion technology. The host read as is the host speaking within the actual ad. Podbean approaches certain advertising agencies who have certain brands and they will talk to the brands. One of the largest advertisers in podcasting is going to do a three-week test of their ad campaign with Podbean for three times frequency for that week and then it will be for a number of separate weeks. Ad campaigns are more personal with podcast advertising than with traditional radio. [00:31:14] - The length of engagement with podcasts is important in terms of building a brand and building a good business model. You want to get the highest quality recording and the same quality for the ad that they would for the show. Pre-rolls before the show are the best format for ads. 30 seconds is best for pre-rolls. [00:35:45] - There are three positions within ads for podcasting: preroll, Mid-roll and Post-roll. Pre-roll is right before the episode airs, preroll is in the middle of the episode and post is after the episode. Post-rolls are either promoting their next show or cross promoting other podcasts. [00:38:58] - Kerry explains programmatic podcast advertising and how it works. It's based on DSP and DSP has been around for a while. In the digital side, it can be used by brands like Coca Cola, American Express or Rolls Royce. It is one of the strongest mediums from that perspective in terms of outreach. [00:44:37] - John and Kerry talk about how to produce high quality audio in 2022. They also discuss how to create custom music for ads. John explains how to make sure that people remember your brand, even if they don't want to buy your product. At the moment, it costs about $1000 for a host to read an ad, but Podbean can do an announcer read ad for $100. Podbean wants its podcasters to be successful in their ad campaigns and keep podcasting, so it's something they want to join. [00:50:07] - Kerry explains the difference between host-read ads and announcer read ads and that programmatic is the only way to create large-scale ad campaigns in the podcasting industry. [00:53:43] - Podbean has a couple of options for brands looking to launch a podcast. There are self serve and managed options while programmatic is more suited for the larger brands. There will be some announcements over the next month or two on the programmatic side. [00:55:47] - Podcasters can run their ads on other podcasts using the same engine of the Ads Marketplace and Dynamic Ad Insertion. There are a couple of different pre-made templates with impressions and cost per that you can use to run anywhere from a 7 day to a 30 day campaign to run your shows. [00:57:58] - Podbean hosted a live panel on how to make a podcast ad today. The panel was hosted by Norma Jean Belenky and featured Kerry Tracy, Senior Vice President of Advertising, and John Kiernan, Director of Customer Success. 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