Running A Successful Network Thanks To A Dream Team with Arnie Carvalho: Season 3 Ep. 05


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Arnie Calvalho began podcasting in 2005 when he started the very first podcast about dedicated to Star Wars collecting, the award-winning Star Wars Action News. Fast forward to today, and he now now running a successful network of shows under the umbrella of Venganza Media which includes the following podcasts: Now Playing Podcast, Books and Nachos, and Marvelicious Toys. Now, Arnie, and his team are leading a multi-media dynasty that includes audio and video content, a blog, and now even a book called Underrated Movies We Recommend derived from the Now Playing Podcast, and now available for pre-order!

Arnie's Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • Arnie gained traction with his first podcast, Star Wars Action News, by reaching out to Star Wars collector web sites, and other Star Wars podcasts. Those relationships led to a fan base, as well as feedback on how to make their show better.
  • This first podcast led them to doing live shows, and hosting events for Star Wars fans. By getting out of the studio, they got to know their listeners.
  • Arnie turns down a lot of sponsorship opportunities because he doesn't want to endorse a product he doesn't personally believe in.
  • He has experienced monetization success with a premium content model combined with listener support through crowdfunding.
  • Listener engagement keeps everything excitign and rewarding, and his team ensures that the listeners are always responded to, and consitently runed to for feedback.
  • Growing a community around each of his network shows has played a critical part of their success.
  • Producing consistent content is paramount for podcast success. Your audience should look forward to your podcast like a T.V. show. Arnie hasn't missed producing a Tuesday episode of Now Playing in over 300 weeks. Wow, that is dedication!
  • Care enough about your show to edit it. Your listeners should always have a pleasant listening experience.
  • Arnie couldn't do it without a stellar team that works hard to produce quality shows, promote, and engage with their audiences.
  • Early on, Arnie took his podcast production seriously, and treated it like a business which set the foundation for his future success.
  • Podcasting takes you to unexpected places. Arnie is publishing his first book based on the Now Playing Podcast.

Arnie's hypothetical podcast about his life: "4 Shot Mocha, No Sleep"

Arnies Fantasy Podcaster: Mark Twain

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