Running A Full Service Podcasting Studio with New Media Studios: Season 3 Ep. 08


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On this episode of Podcasting Smarter, Jen and Vernon meet with Justin Emery, owner of New Media Studios, at Podcast Movement and learn how he transitioned from a job in radio, to owning a full-service podcast studio in Philadelphia while also producing his own podcast, Deja Brew.

Justin's Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • You don't need a laptop or computer to record a podcast
  • Don't drink too much beer while podcasting
  • For mobile recording he recommends the H6 Zoom Portable Recorder which gives you up to 4 inputs.
  • Good sound quality should be a priority
  • Be an engaging host --don't be bland. Entertain your listeners and care about your show.
  • Just start. Nobody is great in the beginning. You get better by doing not by stalling.

Justin's hypothetical podcast about his life: "What The F Is Going On Here?"

Justin's Fantasy Podcaster: Benjamin Franklin

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