Podcast Your Passion and Find Your People: Season 04 Ep. 10


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Today I get to chat with Podbean podcaster, Mike Troy who is the sole host and producer of the American Revolution Podcast: A chronological history of the Revolutionary War. Although Mike's family isn't into history like he is, he found a community of people who love history, and his podcast. Mike also shares a secret..one that is deeply buried on the internet.

Podcasting Smarter Tips From Mike:

  • To prep for the launch of his podcast, Mike wrote 100, yes 100 episode scripts in advance of his first recording. Impressive!
  • As a solo podcaster, Mike imagines people listening and responding which got him comfortable solo hosting. He also has a script prepared and edits on the fly as needed with Audacity.
  • Podcasting helped Mike become a better everyday speaker--another benefit of podcasting!
  • Because Mike is very organized and well planned, Podbean's scheduling featured allows him to produce his episodes in advance of his publish date, and schedule them accordingly. Smart podcasting!
  • The podcast helped Mike get out of his shell. Introverted and shy by nature, Mike found a community of fellow history buffs on and off line thanks to his podcast.
  • Mike is active on social media and successfully connects with his audience online. Without the podcast, his knowledge of social media would never have happened.
  • Don't focus on your downloads for the first 6 months. Just focus on producing a good episode every time. The numbers will come. Be patient.

Hypothetical Podcast About Mike's Life: "Keep Plugging"

Mike's Fantasy Podcaster: Thomas Paine

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