More Than A Few Customers Through Podcasting: Season 4 Ep. 04


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Hey pod pals! After having the privilege of being a guest on her podcast, Lorraine Ball is joining me on this episode for a friendly episode swap! Lorraine is the host of the podcast, More Than A Few Words, a marketing conversation for business owners, AND a production of her marketing company, RoundPeg. Lorraine is a great sport during "podcast confessions", and is generous with what she has experienced and learned after years of producing a show to complement her marketing agency.

Podcasting Smarter Tips From Lorraine:

  • Don't be afraid to experiment with formats for the longevity and success of your show. Keep what works and dump what doesn't.
  • Initially, her podcast allowed her to showcase companies she worked with, and they would often return the professional favor by mentioning her company on their marketing channels.
  • Live call in shows are a bad idea.
  • Longer shows are not always better. Her show improved when she gave herself permission to do a shorter show and to edit out the less compelling parts of a recording.
  • Know why you are podcasting, and let that direct all of your decisions.
  • She started including the podcast in RoundPeg's weekly newsletter and it drastically improved the open rates.
  • Her podcast has helped her land clients.
  • She now makes social media graphics for her guests. The images showcase them nicely, making it more likely for them to promote their episode.
  • More than anything else, have fun. If you are enjoying the show, your guests will too.

Lorraine's hypothetical podcast about her life: "Well, I Didn't Expect That!"

Lorraine's Fantasy Podcaster: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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