Jen & Vernon Spill The Podbeans On International Podcast Day: Season 05 Ep.1


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Happy International Podcast Day! It's also Vernon's birthday--how fitting! We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than producing a podcast on our favorite day of the year. It also gave Jen and Vernon an opportunity to spill the Podbeans on some recent Podbean updates as well as some podcast industry news. Thanks for joining us!

Spilled Podbeans:

  • Podbean recently enhanced its FREE podcast hosting plan to make it even more friendly to the beginner podcaster.
  • You can now see your listener comments in your dashboard (in addition to the Podbean app.)
  • We've made our Podbean stats even better with comparison views and more geo data!
  • Have you considered making an Alexa Flash Briefing for you podcast? Learn all about it on this guest blog post by The Alexa Guy!
  • Speaking of smart speakers--as podcasters we may need to adjust our shows as people start listening to our shows differently. Thanks to smart speakers, family and friends can now listen to podcasts together in a more social way.
  • Have you heard talk about a podcast bubble? After Buzzfeed laid off its podcast team, we started hearing murmors of a podcast bubble. We chat about our take on those rumours.

Do you have a podcasting question? Feel free to email Jen at We will be sure to discuss your question on the show and mention your podcast too. :)

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