Jen and Vernon Spill The Podbeans On Why Listeners Stop Listening To Podcasts: Season 4 Ep. 05


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Jen and Vernon from the Podbean team, co-host this episode, and delve into the reasons people may be unsubscribing to your show based on unscientific data from a Reddit thread. After that they discuss more scientific data derived from the 2018 Podcast Consumer Report by Edison Research.

Podcasting Smarter Tips For Not Losing Listeners:

  • Make sure your audio quality is good. It doesn't have to be studio quality, but it should be pleasant to listen to and easy to understand with a consistent, level volume.
  • Unless you have a political podcast, be careful how much time you spend on your political opinions.
  • Listen back to your show so you can catch vocal ticks, mouth noises, heavy breathing--all things that can distract from yoru content.
  • Show your personality! If you are a boring host, your listenership will suffer despite the content quality.
  • Put on your positive pants! Being angry, ranting, and sharing a lot of negativity might be entertaining at first, but that negative energy can repel listeners.
  • Too many ads can cost you listeners. Sponsors are great, and we love to see shows attract sponsors, and even most listeners understand that sponsors help keep the shows they love going strong. But, there seems to be a tipping point when the ads start detracting from the content.
  • A couple we didn't get to on the show:
    • Hosts that constantly talk over each other are a big listener turn off.
    • You may lose listeners when you stop releasing on a predictable schedule.
    • Listeners get annoyed when hosts don't stay on topic and forget about what the fans are tuning in for.

Thank you so much for listening to another episode of Podcasting Smarter! If you have an idea for a topic, or know a Podbean podcaster who has something to share, please email Jennifer at

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