Jen and Vernon Chat Podcast Resolutions, Twitter Advice, and Predictions For 2019!


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Jen and Vernon are back to spill some Podbeans! We are on the cusp of 2019, and we got some great advice on Twitter from some fellow Pod Pals. We also share some podcasting predictions for 2019. It's been a great year for podcasting, and we can't see what the next year has in store.

Podcasting Smarter Tips From Our Pod Pals on Twitter:

From @HeyJustinHerman of @podcastchaos

“Be sharp on social media, follow people that follow you and DM people so they know there’s a real person there. Offer some free stickers and encourage every person to leave you a reading and review! Be scrappy at the start to get momentum going!!”

From Shlomoh Samuel of @ThePanenkaView

“Be consistent with your episodes. If putting out an episode on a Sunday, make sure it goes out.”

From Heather of @SunPowerPod

“Take your Why, the reason you started and hold it close! Learn and adapt, make connections and celebrate the good ones...and when the going gets tough come back to your Why; what gave you the passion to begin!”

From @DJMetiMajor of the Let’s Do It Major Podcast

“Be yourself, don’t put on a persona for the podcast, find a topic and stick to it.”

From our Pod Pals @netflixnswill

“Do it for yourself first, the audience second. If you aren't passionate for, and engaged with your topic, people will be able to tell and they won't be interested either.”

From @slnhpodcast

"Be consistent. Ask questions. Support other podcasters. Have fun!"

Thanks for memorable year of podcast conversations! Don't forget to listen subscribe to Vernon's Podcast, The Space Between, HERE! It's a great one. :)

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