How To Start an Internal Communications Podcast with Signature Performance!


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Check out our latest interview with Mark Mathia, Chief Experience Officer at Signature Performance! Our Head of Marketing John and Mark speak about why Signature Performance brought private podcasting into their company. They also discuss how to have a successful rollout across your employees, as well as how Signature Performance created awareness and highly positive feedback around their podcast. Enjoy the episode!

Chapters: 0:27​ - Who is Signature Performance? 1:47​ - When did Signature Performance decide to start an internal podcast? 5:17 - What was the catalyst that made Signature Performance decide to start a private podcast? 9:04 - The power of voice and how to leverage your management team as ambassadors. 13:21 - How podcasting has fostered communication across the organization. 14:15​ - The importance of creating curated content that's secure and not public facing. 17:58 - Who's responsibility is it to create, produce, and release the podcast content? 20:15 - How you can create a high quality podcast on a small budget and with minimal gear. 22:29 - How to create awareness and high engagement about new content 25:35- How to reduce noice and raise engagement 27:55 - What has the feedback been from the private podcast? 29:03 - Advice for businesses looking to bring podcasting into their workplace?

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