How Law Firm White & Case is Using Podcasting to Make an Impact Reaching Legal Recruits


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One of our latest case studies features Podbean's Podbean's Director of Customer Success, John Kiernan, speaking with White & Case's Legal Recruiting Coordinator, Juliette Fernandez and Senior Manager in Employer Brand Communications, Andrew Farmer as they discuss how they use podcasting to showcase their firm's culture, values and why it's a great place for a legal career!

White & Case LLP is an international law firm based in the USA. The firm has been operating for more than a century and has 45 offices in 31 countries worldwide. White & Case is one of the top ten law firms worldwide in terms of revenue.

In this episode they'll cover:

  • How podcasting became a solution within the pandemic to get in front of upcoming graduates and candidates
  • White & Case's podcast, On the Record with White & Case and how they offer interview tips and tell personal stories, breaking down a lot of the mystery of the legal interview process for recent graduates
  • How podcasting became an opportunity to listen to their audience and create content that recent graduates find value in
  • Their podcast production and content creation strategy
  • How inviting different voices from within the White & Case community has enabled them to share different perspectives and experiences within the organization

Here's the link to watch the full interview on Podbean's YouTube channel and you can read the full case study on our Enterprise Site, here.

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