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You might just live a little longer after this episode. That is because I am joined by Steve Katasi, the host of The AdapNation Podcast. AdapNation is an honest and raw British Podcast, focused on helping you practically improve and optimize your health, body and mind – inside and out. Luckily, he is also willing to help us optimize our podcasts too!

Steve's Podcast Confession: For this first 20-30 episodes his audio quality rubbish due to EMF interference. All he had to do was move a cord, and the sound issue was resolved.

Steve's Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • Although he did very well working in IT Sales, he realized it just wasn't his passion. However, the study of self optimization was a passion, and he decided he could offer something unique in that space with a brand supported by a podcast.

  • Steve's natural curiosity drives his interviews and in-depth content on a variety if subjects related to optimal health and wellness.

  • Steve taught himself podcast editing, and although his skills are adequate, he is finding it time consuming, and would like to outsource that piece of post production.

  • He gauges his success with patience. His growth in 2018 was slow, but skyrocketed in 2019 as a result of being a featured Podbean podcast, being featured on the Podbean app, and booking higher profile guests on the show.

  • He gets his high profile guests to share the episodes by make them look good. He researched their previous podcast interviews and finds topics and questions that have not been covered in other interviews so he can deliver a fresh conversation. He also makes it effortless for them to promote the show by giving them social media assets, to share and links to their episode.

  • He is using his podcast to feed a revenue-producing product by siphoning the best content from his podcasts into a paid, 100 day self optimization program delivered via daily email which is complemented with rich, curated content that takes the customer on a journey. He also sees a book in the future.

  • Steve has purposefully gone slowly in pursuing monetization because he wanted to focus on the quality of the content.

  • Steve engages on social media to promote his show, and is considering running ads for the show via PodAds.

  • His biggest piece of advice for new podcasters: You have to know who you want as a listener, and how you will deliver to them continuous, real value.

Steve's theoretical podcast about his life: "Obsessive"

Steve's Fantasy Podcasters: Nelson Mandela and Albert Einstein

You can find AdapNation wherever you listen to podcasts including Podbean. You can also follow AdapNation on Facebook and Instagram.

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