Find Your Audience Offline: Justin Herman of Controlled Chaos Podcast


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Hey Pod Pals! On this episode we are joined by Justin Herman (@heyjustinherman on FB, TW, INSTA). Justin runs the youth ministry at Sandals Church and is the host of the Controlled Chaos Podcast (@PodcastChaos Twitter, @ControlledChaosPodcast Insta) in partnership with Christ In Youth. Find out more about the Controlled Chaos Podcast or Christ In Youth at or

Justin's Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • Justin didn't find any podcasts speaking to the needs of junior high youth ministry. Being a youth minister himself, he knew he could help people working with junior high students in a Christian leadership capacity, with a podcast.

  • The name 'Controlled Chaos' was inspired by the title of a book by Justin's mentor. When he considered using the name, he reached out to his mentor who gave his blessing, and has even come on the podcast. Now, they've co-authored the revised addition of the book which is now for sale on Amazon.

  • Justin engages his audience further by providing a curated discussion guide for eveery episode for church leaders to use for their groups.

  • Justin got approached by sponsors early thanks to his extremely defined audience. He asked for double what they suggested they pay for a sponsor spot.

  • Justin asks his guests to suggest other guests which keeps his guests spots booked out well in advance.

  • Justin found a podcast partner, Christ In Youth, who put the podcast in front of youth ministers. That partnership grew into a financial partner so Justin can now showcase the podcast at CIY events, and is even more integrated into the organization where he is front and center in front of his ideal audience.

  • Justin purposefully set out to find his audience offline. He started by approaching a Christian college and offering them valuable resources in exchange for sharing a link to his podcast along with the resources. The school ended up wanting to be more involved.

  • Justin's podcast has led to more speaking opportunities.

  • Video is on the horizon as well as another book!

  • During a recent strategy meeting they considered expanding their podcast to include high school ministry, but in the end they decided to stay focused on their original audience and turned to them via their Facebook group to find out what else they needed and in what formats.

  • Justin's one piece of advice for new podcasters is to stick with your vision, and don't let an opportunity tempt you away from that vision.

Justin's hypothetical podcast about his life: Life By Accident

Justin's Fantasy Podcasters: Jesus, General Patton, and individuals stuck fighting in a war they don't support

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