Branded Audio: The Best Marketing Tool You’re Probably Missing - LIVE REPLAY


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In this episode of Podcasting Smarter we're sharing an interview from Podbean's Corporate Podcasting Smarter series.

Podbean's Head of Events, Norma Jean Belenky speaks with Marc Raco, an award winning podcast and content producer, host and cofounder of MouthMedia. Marc and Norma Jean discuss how branded audio and podcasting make an emotional impact and how to utilize storytelling to convey brand values and get results!

We'll also cover..

  • The benefits of podcasting over print
  • How podcasting creates a positive impact on employees and employee culture
  • Meeting the "Mission of the Moment" with your audio strategy
  • Targeting specific audiences with branded podcasts
  • Podcast formats and how to choose the best format for your brand's message
  • Audio cues and training your audiences ear
  • How podcasting and podcast clips are used within a greater social media strategy
  • Using podcasting for business development
  • The secondary impact of having great guests on your show
  • And more!


Corporate Podcast Smarter is an official in-house podcast by Podbean.

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