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Software Daily is a place to create software.

Introduction is a social network that allows people from all over the world to come together and create software.

Inspiration from Amazon
Working at Amazon taught me that we can build anything.

Inspiration from Facebook
Writing “Move Fast” taught me that social networking will allow us to expand our species and celebrate an increased breadth of individuality while also deepening our shared values and experiences.

Faceazon is a social network like Facebook combined with a universal ecommerce experience like Amazon.

Notes on Podcasting
Podcasting has taught me empathy, both technical and emotional.

Software Engineering Daily
SE Daily has proven my credibility as the most knowledgeable software engineer in the world. Anyone who disagrees is welcome to bet me $1M+ that they can out-earn me over the next decade.

Notes on Digital Advertising
Digital advertising in its current form allows for blatant, repeated theft by adtech companies including many with $1B+ market cap.

Adforprize is our video social network and creative advertising platform that will integrate seamlessly with YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Stripe, and OnlyFans to provide you with a full service user generated and industrially maintained advertising ecosystem.

Podsheets is a combination open source podcasting and video publishing and consumption platform.

Notes on Hosting Businesses
Hosting businesses with proprietary UIs or APIs have the best, most defensible margins (even better than payments). Heroku remains one of the most underestimated portfolio sleepers in business, and explains Salesforce’s eventual potential to rival even Amazon as the most rapidly growing behemoth in the world.

Notes on Collaboration Businesses
Super hard to get enough people using a collaboration business, and once they do they are still willing to switch because collaboration is just a little productivity thing that can usually be swapped out (yes, even you Slack will one day be swapped out).

I should never have shut down FindCollabs and if you want to help me reboot it please email me.

Software Daily
Check out to see all of my plans, including an Uber-like services company and a new mobile operating system.

Check out to learn the software business while earning botcoin!

Notes on Gaming Businesses
Gaming businesses are high margin, high risk, and super fun to build.

Notes on Payments Businesses
Payments businesses are as sticky as surgical mesh and Stripe is as admirable as AWS and Oracle–which is to say I am deeply envious of Stripe and wish I was a good enough human being and effective altruist to change into a Collison.

Rectangle is an open source, open operations payments systems business with a minimum goal of offering open source alternatives to Stripe.

Notes on Censorship
Companies are forced to censor their content by an outdated, overly religious and warmongering government that more closely resembles the Deep State than The West Wing.

Sqripe is an uncensorable internet built on a data structure I invented called a cloud blockchain.

Notes on Virtue Capital
Venture capitalists are mostly cowards with no real opinions about anything other than which vest to wear given their daily set of potential microclimates.

Investment Discussions
Investment Discussions is a Slack group where I give away investment liquidity in exchange for knowledge from entrepreneurs and investors.

Notes on Portfolio Synergies
There are portfolio synergies across every portfolio. a16z, for example gets portfolio synergy from their wide variety of data transfer, ETL, data management, and data engineering businesses, who can share notes and form loose cabals of success. Sequoia Capital gets portfolio synergy by owning the investment communities of both China and the United States. Facebook would get portfolio synergy if it owned both Twitter and Google, hypothetically. See, this is the kind of paranoia I have, which is why I’m planning to run for president.

Notes on Healthcare
Our healthcare system is hurting everyone in the United States, and I have no idea how to fix it. It makes me very sad. I think that instead of focusing on healthcare, we should focus on homelessness, which has more measurable outcomes.Auditable Hospitals
We need a hospital system where every single patient has access to the actions of every single care provider, allowing patients to uncover conspiracies and antitrustworthy market actions.Notes on Fear
You should never let fear stop you from doing what you know you are capable of.

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