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Times have been tough. Pandemic burnout, war, a mounting climate crisis and soaring prices on everything from gas to groceries. Few people have gotten through the last few years without grieving some kind of loss. The good news? We’re definitely not alone. This week we’re unpacking mental health with podcasts that uplift, investigate and validate. There’s the grief that comes from losing someone you love, but have you ever experienced climate grief? It’s the feeling of hopelessness as the climate crisis gets worse and worse. But for one Canadian musician, out of those feelings of fear, sadness and angst came artistic inspiration. We’ll hear the conversation with folk band The Weather Station in a clip from Reseed. Plus, treatment for mental health has had a huge evolution in the last century. The evolution continues as the Toronto facility “Remedy” researches the use of MDMA to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Find out why the early results have researchers and patients so excited. Podcasts Featured: Terrible, Thanks for Asking | Reseed | WTF with Marc Maron | Depresh Mode | The Mental Health Comedy Podcast | Sickboy For links and more info to all these podcasts, head to

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