Episode 2, part 2 - "North by Northwest" with "Godzilla vs. Kong" talk


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pivotalfilmpodcast@gmail.com, www.twitter.com/filmpivotal, www.pivotalfilm.com. We hope everyone is staying healthy, and safe, and strong, and passionate, and as positive as they can. We finish up our top two’s this week, but first we need to stop and watch the monster fight that erupted on that aircraft carrier over there – its hard to miss since its “Godzilla vs. Kong” the new monsterverse flick that opened in theaters and on HBOMax last weekend (10:30). Then Mario and Tom stop at a national monument to see if they can spot Mario’s number two carved into its face: “North by Northwest (38:30) On Tap!!! For Mario’s number two he brought along what he thinks is the best beer he’s ever tasted: Antioch, an ale matured in oak barrels, from OEC Brewing in Oxford, CT (4:45) - http://wp.oecbrewing.com/antioch-2/ Music Credits: “Her Eyes Play Tricks on the Camera” – Robert Pollard, “Pivotal Film” – Guided by Voices, “Sugarcube” – Yo La Tengo, “Ghost” – Neutral Milk Hotel.

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