Episode 13, part 2 - "There Will Be Blood" with "On the Rocks" conversation


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pivotalfilmpodcast@gmail.com, www.twitter.com/filmpivotal, www.pivotalfilm.com. We hope everyone is staying healthy, and safe, and strong, and passionate, and as positive as they can. As of this writing, we have no idea what has happened in the country this week! Maybe something incredible, maybe something incredibly terrible. BUT, there are always movies to distract us from the stress of knowing or not knowing, right? We start with the new one from Sofia Coppola, “On the Rocks,” starring Rashida Jones and Bill Murray (5:15). Then we dig into the pain of Tom’s number 13, Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2007 film, “There Will Be Blood” (30:55). On Tap!!! I don’t know if you know this, but it isn’t October anymore. We go back to basics this week. From our friends at New England Brewing in Woodbridge, CT, the classic, the all-timer: G-Bot, a double india pale ale: https://newenglandbrewing.com/?page=beer&id=2 (2:30). Music Credits: “Her Eyes Play Tricks on the Camera” – Robert Pollard, “Pivotal Film” – Guided by Voices, “Prospectors Arrive” – Johnny Greenwood.

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