Balancing Life and a Loungewear Empire


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As founder of Lunya and Lahgo, Ashley Merrill is reinventing sleepwear for modern women and men, respectively. Both brands share a simple mission: to make people feel confidently comfortable -- at home and within themselves.

Beyond her sleepwear entrepreneurship, Ashley is Chairwoman of the Board at Outdoor Voices, a direct-to-consumer recreation label. She is also CEO and co-founder of The Deep, a media platform that makes philosophy and personal exploration accessible through thought-provoking questions and content.

As principal at impact investing firm NaHCO3, where she leverages her background in venture, technology, and the arts to invest in ways that create opportunity and move humanity forward. Both personally and professionally, she is an active supporter of organizations like Girls Inc., Upstream, and United Medical Corps.

She is a Southern California native and resides there with her husband and their two young children.

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