Escaping ‘Zoom fatigue’ – how to organise new ways of working effectively


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A full day ahead of meetings looms on the horizon as you sip your morning coffee, a familiar scenario for most of us. The majority of these discussions will take place over some of the now ubiquitous video conferencing tools, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. But are they really the best way to get work done? Would some of these meetings benefit from being in person, or over the phone, or through quick text messages? This is what our guest, Christoph Magnussen, is here to help us with in this episode. How best to work effectively? Christoph is a future-of-work expert and runs an agency that helps companies collaborate effectively.

In this episode of Phishy Business, we discuss:

  • How leaders need to trust the process that work will happen
  • The need for companies to trust collaboration tools, but work to keep them secure
  • Why we need to, and enjoy, work as social creatures
  • How rethinking the traditional office space could increase collaboration
  • Why informal chats, and showing your vulnerability with colleagues is very important to form strong working relationships

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