Lindsey Turrentine on parenting, her son’s trans journey, and her unusually long media career


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Lindsey Turrentine is a journalist, media executive, and mom. She has worked for the same employer since 1999, making her a near-record holder among alumni of the Harvard class of ‘97 in this regard. Lindsey is also a mom of boys. Her 16-year-old son came out as transgender at the start of the pandemic, a moment that has been affirming in many ways not only for him but also for his family and community. He graciously agreed that Lindsey could share his story so we can all learn from their journey of making sure our kids can be exactly who they are meant to be.
In this episode of PERSONAL VERITAS, Lindsey and classmate and fellow Crimson editor Corinne Hammons talk about Lindsey’s son’s story, parenthood, and how we live dynamic and compassionate lives 25 years post-college. The music for this episode was written and performed by Lindsey’s partner, Mike, who composed this song for Lindsey’s son around the time he came out.
Lindsey Turrentine is a media nerd who has had the unique privilege of working for the same brand for most of the 25 years since we graduated. She used to call herself a journalist, but now she’s technically a media executive who runs content and audience strategy for CNET. Mom of two teenage boys, one still at home and one off at college, Lindsey got a bit of a head start on the kid thing. She has learned a lot about – and is still learning – about how different members of the same family can be and how much texture and love a diverse family can generate. Lindsey lives in Berkeley, California with her boys, her partner and his teenage son, and their two cats. She bakes a lot and tries not to eat too much of what she bakes, but usually fails at restraint. She’s also increasingly into strength training, much to her own surprise.
Corinne Hammons has spent most of the 25 years since Harvard leading charitable human services work in New York, including the response to 9/11, Superstorm Sandy, and Covid. For the past seven years she has been the President & CEO of Little Flower, a historic child welfare organization which provides residential and community services for both children and adults. She loves non-profit strategy, risk management, and governance - the latter of which leads her to enjoy serving on and leading nonprofit boards. She is most recently past board President of the Collaborative for Children and Families (New York’s downstate children’s health home) and Harbor Country Day School, from which her daughters are both proud alums. She lives in East Setauket, NY with her husband Lee, daughters Caroline & Grace, rescue dog Graham, and bunny Wafer Simmons Hammons. Her hobbies include writing, yoga, and beginner guitar. She has read every issue of PEOPLE magazine since January 1986.
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