Murder Madness 18


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VOL. III, No. 2 CONTENTS AUGUST, 1930 COVER DESIGN H. W. WESSOLOWSKI Painted in Water-colors from a Scene in "The Planet of Dread." THE PLANET OF DREAD R. F. STARZL 147 A Stupid Blunder—and Mark Forepaugh Faces a Lifetime of Castaway Loneliness in the Savage Welter of the Planet Inra's Monster-ridden Jungles. THE LORD OF SPACE VICTOR ROUSSEAU 158 A Black Caesar Had Arisen on Eros—and All Earth Trembled at His Distant Menace. THE SECOND SATELLITE EDMOND HAMILTON 175 Earth-men War on Frog-vampires for the Emancipation of the Human Cows of Earth's Second Satellite. (A Novelet.) SILVER DOME HARL VINCENT 192 In Her Deep-buried Kingdom of Theros, Phaestra Reveals the Amazing Secret of the Silver Dome. EARTH, THE MARAUDER ARTHUR J. BURKS 210 Deep in the Gnome-infested Tunnels of the Moon, Sarka and Jaska Are Brought to Luar the Radiant Goddess Against Whose Minions the Marauding Earth Had Struck in Vain. (Part Two of a Three-Part Novel.) MURDER MADNESS MURRAY LEINSTER 237 Bell Has Fought through Tremendous Obstacles to Find and Kill The Master, Whose Diabolical Poison Makes Murder-mad Snakes of the Hands; and, as He Faces the Monster at Last—His Own Hands Start to Writhe! (Conclusion.) THE FLYING CITY H. THOMPSON RICH 260 From Space Came Cor's Disc-city of Vada—Its Mighty, Age-old Engines Weakening— Its Horde of Dwarfs Hungry for the Earth! THE READERS' CORNER ALL OF US 279 A Meeting Place for Readers of Astounding Stories.

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