A Problem in Communication 2


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VOL. III, No. 3 CONTENTS SEPTEMBER, 1930 COVER DESIGN Painted in Water-Colors from a Scene in "Marooned Under the Sea." H. W. WESSOLOWSKI A PROBLEM IN COMMUNICATION MILES J. BREUER, M.D. 293 The Delivery of His Country into the Clutches of a Merciless, Ultra-Modern Religion Can Be Prevented Only by Dr. Hagstrom's Deciphering an Extraordinary Code. JETTA OF THE LOWLANDS RAY CUMMINGS 310 Fantastic and Sinister Are the Lowlands into Which Philip Grant Descends on His Dangerous Assignment. (Beginning a Three-Part Novel.) THE TERRIBLE TENTACLES, OF L-472 SEWELL PEASLEE WRIGHT 332 Commander John Hanson of the Special Patrol Service Records Another of His Thrilling Interplanetary Assignments. MAROONED UNDER THE SEA PAUL ERNST 346 Three Men Stick Out a Strange and Desperate Adventure Among the Incredible Monsters of the Dark Sea Floor. THE MURDER MACHINE HUGH B. CAVE 377 Four Lives Lay Helpless Before the Murder Machine, the Uncanny Device by Which Hypnotic Thought Waves Are Filtered Through Men's Minds to Mold Them Into Murdering Tools. THE ATTACK FROM SPACE CAPTAIN S. P. MEEK 390 From a Far World Came Monstrous Invaders Who Were All the More Terrifying Because Invisible. EARTH, THE MARAUDER ARTHUR J. BURKS 408 Martian Fire-Balls and the Terrific Moon-Cubes Wreak Tremendous Destruction on Helpless Earth in the Final Death Struggle of the Warring Worlds. (Conclusion.) THE READERS' CORNER ALL OF US 423 A Meeting Place for Readers of Astounding Stories.

Series 16

  1. Nyarlathotep/How to play D&D
  2. Athu & Aku-Shin-Kage/D&D Races
  3. The Beast & The Black Bull/D&D Classes 1(Barbarian/Bard/Cleric/Duid)
  4. The Black Demon & Black Lion/D&D Classes 2(Fighter/Monk/Paladin/Ranger)
  5. The Black Man & Black Pharaoh/ Classes 3(Rouge/Sorcerer/Warlock/Wizard)
  6. The Black Wind & Bloated Woman/Spellcasting
  7. Bringer of Pests & Crawling Mist/Magic Iterms
  8. Dark Demon & Dark Destroyer/Monster Types 1(Aberration/Beast/Celestials/Construct)
  9. Dark One & Dweller in Darkness/Monster by Type 2(Dragon/Elemental/Fey/Fiend)
  10. Eater of Souls & Effigy of Haate/Monster by Type 3(Giant/Humanoid/Magic Monster/Ooze)
  11. The Faceless God & The Floating Horror/Monster by Type4 (Plant/Undead)
  12. God of the Bloody Tongue & Green Man/Traps & Poison
  13. Haunter of the Dark & Horned Man/Conditions & Diseases
  14. Howler in he Darkness & The Kruschtya Equation /Equipment, Armor & Weapons
  15. Lrogg & Many Legged Goat & The Masked Messanger/Objects & Enviroments
  16. Messenger of the Old Ones & Pool of Shadows/The Outer Planes(Upper)
  17. Queen in Red & Set/The Outer Planes(Middle)
  18. Shugoran & Skeletal Horror/The Outer Planes(Lower)
  19. Skinless One & Small Crawler/The Inner Planes
  20. Spiraling Worm & Tezcatlipoca/The Astral Plane
  21. Thing in the Yellow Mask & Thoth/The Feywild
  22. Tick-Tock Man & Wailing Writher/The Shadowfell
  23. Nyogtha and Family/The Far Realms
  24. Othuyeg/Deities & Demi-Planes
  25. The Pallid Mask/D&D Settings

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