State of the Market With a VC - Will Lin - ESW #290


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This is a recurring segment, in which we bring on a VC to provide an investor’s point-of-view on all this activity. It’s hard to imagine a better investor to join us than Will Lin, co-founder of Forgepoint, one of the few VC firms that exclusively invests in cybersecurity startups. We're excited to have Will back with us! We'll discuss - How, the last time we had Will on (20 episodes ago, ESW 270), we were asking about huge valuations and potential market resets/corrections. Well, it seems that day arrived. What now? - Crowdstrike and SentinelOne are active investors with their own funds now. Is this a new trend, or are we just now noticing it? What does it mean for the larger market and for founders looking to raise? - We've had guests on to discuss enterprise browsers, and DSPM - what hot markets should we target next?

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