#6 Senior Editor at The Economist, Broadcaster & Cyber Security Expert, Edward Lucas


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In addition to His superb broadcasting Edward is Senior Editor at The Economist and was Moscow Bureau Chief from 1998 to 2002 and has written multiple books covering amongst other things; cybersecurity, Vadlimir Putin and Edward Snowden. He has also been a correspondent for The Independent and the Daily Mail and is Senior Fellow & contributing editor at the Centre for European Policy Analysis in Washington DC. Edward was so interesting he distracted me almost immediately! A wide ranging conversation against the backdrop of internet security. We touched on collaboration between the Security Services and the private sector, the Banks and their responsibilities, Brexit, Trump, Snowdon, Russia and the recent Ransomware attack on the NHS. Edward speaks with an informed and passionate voice on these topics and if you are looking for a place to start learning about this vital topic for your business or personal life, you just found it. Please check out Edward's highly acclaimed books 'Cyberphobia', 'The New Cold War' and his first class Podcast on iTunes. His twitter handle is 'edwardlucas' and his website is edwardlucas.com

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